Sunday, October 4, 2009

Architecture And Style Rumah Malaysia

Architectural styles from Malaysia, also affected its history, climate and culture. Although the traces of the Portuguese and Dutch architecture are rare, inter Malacca, with their base, arch columns and the British colonial era buildings are still visible, like Georgetown, Taiping, Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Port Klang and the administrative center of the old .

The British also led the new country, a former Moorish Kuala Lumpur Railway Station is the best example. After independence, however, is Malaysia's cultural elements and modern technology into the architects of the development of sources are often surprising effects. These architectural masterpieces, is to give the country a new role and status of the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of staff.

Kuala Lumpur, the country's central to have a vision is an eclectic high-rises are in the design amazing collection. Pilgrimage in the modern Hijas Kasturi, Jalan Tun Razak, located in the integration of the pioneers of Islamic element has been developed. The building is a pilgrimage to the GEF Council, responsible for managing the Muslims in Malaysia's financial headquarters of pilgrimage to Mecca. Structure of white-out to remember the five principles of Islam, as well as he, as the glass is truly unique time. Hijas Kasturi also designed the Menara Maybank, Jalan Tun Perak them in the shadow thrown. 50 tales, he proposed a vertical problem, there is no gap between the floors.

More Greek mountain road in the Sudan, Dayabumi complex is another Islamic and modern design of the embodiment of interrelated factors. Construction Datuk Mohamed Nie perforation pattern to create an Islamic basis for the white appearance, which will be supplemented by the information pointed arches. Evening, Dayabumi complex and bathed in light, and gives a true Malaysian architectural identity.

Cultural reasons, but also motivation, Razak and Jalan Titiwangsa lake near the source, there are many eyes, the eyes of three eye-catching building. They are), the National Library, National Gallery and the presidential palace Budaya (National Grand Theater.

The National Library is a 3, low-intensity made, each tengkolok similar to "traditional head covering Malaysia. Tengkolok" umbrella courtyard amphitheater surrounding the formation of assembly, a symbol of national unity and the blue roof of the three objectives of the National Library to form a in order to meet the pursuit of knowledge and the promotion of reading habits. They also reflect the three major racial harmony - Malays, Chinese, and Indians in the country --

Atrium inside the dome, there are large areas of vertical spacing. Provided a bright spot with the roof and unlimited sense of space contrast. An atmosphere of infinite space inspired their approach to the hearts of tourists inland hall. In three shades of blue slate roof will be established in order to canvas Songket.

Presidential Budaya (or the National Theater) is the guardian of Chinese culture. Architect Mohammed Kamaara Ya'akub refute the Presidential Budaya a Malay traditional values. In the traditional Malay house, there is reference to Serambi long veranda. The next part of the "major Ibu (" literally means "parents"), which consists primarily of dormitories, followed by dapur "(the kitchen in the house, the last one). At the presidential palace Budaya, building lobbies, halls and the big stage corresponds to the "Serambi", "main" Ibu "and" dapur ", respectively.

The appearance of the building, is the lot entrance staircase is a large staircase, a copy of Malacca. The main entrance to "Seni balairiong base" (Palace Museum) is held in the old Malay palace. The roofs of buildings similar to junjung "Sirih," vine of the betel nut, which is in the Malay wedding decorative flower arrangement.

Responsible for the maintenance and promotion of the arts, Malaysia is responsible for, the National Gallery, reflecting the structure through its unique role. In the 13.5 thousand square meters is located, including Malaysia's traditional architecture and modern lines of development, like the roof of a house Kampung field appearance. Aluminum composite panels, stained glass and stone, is also reflected outside. The main room on the ground floor gallery is the occupation a permanent exhibition. An additional four galleries hold exhibitions of local and foreign artists.

The famous Kuala Lumpur Tower, Petronas Twin Towers, there are many Islamic design elements. It is by Cesar Pelli & Associates Inc., two chains to establish an eight-square geometry, pointing out that the star of the floor. In the eight-pointed star superimposed semi-circles has been softened angles. Planning to construct the main lobby, "pandan" Weaving (woven pandan leaf), and "Bertram on the wall painting" palm pad, to remind the East Coast, and our craft villages. In the collective cost of the blank area of the stainless steel fittings and screens seem to hover in the air.

Conference to 421 meters of the Wu Jinenashi, Menara Kuala Lumpur (KL Tower) is at the top of the world's fourth-largest telecommunications and the highest in Southeast Asia. Guthrie Senireka Sdn Bhd has mixed Chinese-style Western technology architecture to create an impressive revelation to the city's main tourist attractions. Tower, the highest revolving restaurant and observation deck houses. The soffit is the Islamic view of the outer level is the development of the ribs and the vertical structure of the top tower. This design can see the pedestrian precinct.

Dome-shaped doors are glass, diamonds, illuminated like a giant traditional Islamic Muqarnas shape of the surface of the upper part of the arrangements decorated arches. In view of this Isfahan, Iran conspiracy bottom of the table suddenly a symbol of heaven in his seven-layer.

Wu Ji Jialuo In order to consolidate and the National Science Center has a link in their futuristic Securities Commission suburbs. The National Science Center, covering the earth like a green ball truncated cone. There are nine galleries, houses more than 1000 interactive displays, including overloading aquarium, where visitors to the residents of the depths of close to see. Located in the green valley, opposite the National Science Center, the consolidation of the Securities Commission on the concept of transparency. Glass put it to plenty of sunshine, the external walls. A gap between the flux

Menara Telekom Malaysia in the importance of environmental protection in the increasingly recognized, leading to more and more bamboo design. The Standing Committee of 310 meters-high 55 layers, it is considered to have six buildings, which is characterized by intelligence Kuala Lumpur City Hall and its slender shape of the star. Menara telecom companies clearly visible in the Federal Highway Research Institute and Jalan Pantai Baru, is a light rail commuter service station Nagareyama Nyingchi.

Since the dynamic and a country's progress and to reflect the architectural aesthetics of the building in Kuala Lumpur on the map the direction of the direction of the national indicators. At the same time, they make an ideal background to tourists posed photos.